Last week I tuned in to 95.9 The Ranch in Fort Worth to hear the premiere of Wade Bowen’s “How Great Thou Art” off his new gospel album Then Sings My Soul… Songs for My Mother.

It’s a beautiful rendition and it sold me on the album immediately so when it dropped today I became $9.99 lighter in the pockets. No worries though because I’ll pay for good music.

So the short of it is this: If you love Jesus, Wade Bowen and gospel music this is the holy Trinity for you. Heck even if you only like two of those three, you’ll soon be converted into a believer.

I’m not going to do a lot of deep diving because most church going folks are familiar with the majority of the songs on the record. Even if you aren’t in the pew on a regular basis you’ll know the classics – “Amazing Grace”, “How Great Thou Art”,  and “In the Garden.” Speaking of the classics, a lot of times artist tend to pull out all the stops and trick up “Amazing Grace” with booming power or vocal gymnastics. However, Wade keeps it simple which in my mind, less is more. “How Great Thou Art” is probably my favorite track on the album for reasons I can’t articulate. I’ve always loved that hymn and Wade’s vocals more than do it justice.

Overall the tone is reverent and humble, two qualities any good artist should aspire to attain on a gospel album. It’s also peaceful and Wade sings with contentment in his voice, especially on “Precious Memories.” Throughout the album the chord progressions, piano, organ, and choral backing are all familiar elements even to the casual gospel listener, but none of it overpowers the songs – again a good thing in my opinion. There some nice acoustic melodies mixed in as well of some subdued electric solos. I call it “church electric” because it’s not riffy or like contemporary Christian electric guitar with lots of chorus and reverb, it’s just simple and soulful. God loves good soul and Wade Bowen delivers.

Now not all the songs are quiet, sit in your pew and pray tunes. “Saved” and “Just over in the Glory Land” will get you off your butt and praising Jesus like a Southern Baptist choir on Sunday.

Final note, Wade had the great Sean McConnell produce this album so there is an extra bit goodness to warm your God and Texas lovin’  heart.

Wade Bowen, you’ve done your mamma proud. Good people, you can go get the album by clicking below: