At the end of May I had the chance to talk to long time Texas music photographer and TV producer, Todd Purifoy. He had a lot of great stories and history to share about his 25+ years of involvement in the Texas/Red Dirt music scene. We chatted for over an hour touching on his personal history, the Texas Music Scene TV show, and what makes the music and “the scene” unique. As you’ll hear, he is a man of many passions and somehow has managed to tie it all together into a successful career.

Todd is on all the major social media platforms but check out his photography at his website and if you’ve never seen The Texas Music Scene TV show you are missing out. Go binge watch them online.

Personally, this post has been a long time coming. A technical glitch resulted in me not getting the first 15 minutes of our phone call recorded so I had to do a lot more editing than normal. The experience helped me to more fully appreciate what those podcast guys have to do on a weekly basis. 🙂