I love this video…actually I love the music in this video and the fact that these two guys look like they are having a blast doing what they do. I shot this back on January 15th at a Randy Rogers Band  show at the Silver Saloon in Terrell, Texas. This is an extended intro to “Somebody Take Me Home” which can be found on the Live at Billy Bob’s Texas album, Rollercoaster, or Homemade Tamales – Live at Floores.

And I have no idea what’s on Geoff’s shirt… perhaps a tribute to the Partridge Family and the stuff they smoked in the 70s? Sure, let’s go with that.

This was the same day that Nothing Shines Like Neon dropped so the guys were obviously on their game. I’ve got more video of that night that needs sifting through but I came across this and felt compelled to share.

Enjoy these two kicking ass…