Here are some short thoughts on the records I’m listening to as of late. I’ll continually update this page as new stuff catches my attention and at the end of the year I’ll likely do a roundup of my favorites.

1462818490670Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen – Watch This

This is a goodie – Read my review here.





HumbleFolksFlatland Cavalry – Humble Folks

This album has so much mileage in it, I’m still spinning it after all this time. It’s that good.

This 5-piece Lubbock based group is getting lots of accolades. February Snow is the lead single off their sophomore album and it delivers with a moving chorus and crying fiddle. Cleto Corderos soft, southern drawn voice, coupled with lead guitar (Reid Dillon) and fiddle (Laura Jane) at times are reminiscent of Randy Rogers Band and really create a folk/Texas/Americana sound that is “Easy on the ears, heavy on the heart.” My favorite tracks on Humble Folks include February Snow and Tall City Blues. If you want good music for a Texas road trip, you can’t miss with this one. FlatlandCavalry

Sturgill Simpson – A Sailors Guide to EarthSturgill-Simpson-A-Sailors-Guide-To-Earth1-compressed

Sturgill does it again. It’s interesting people put their hopes in Sturgill (along with Stapleton and Isbell) to “save country music” when in reality he is pretty alt country. This album has some funky tracks but I guess with a classic Waylon-esqe voice, you can be funky but still sound old school. Simpson continues exploring on “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” but it’s all anchored by his vocals. “Brace For Impact (Live a Little)” stands out as a song that should be the opening theme for a new cable only television drama and his take on Nirvana’s “In Bloom” is really cool. If you’re a Sturgill fan you’ll likely love this offering; if you’ve never heard of him get out from underneath the rock.                                   


Red Shahan – Men and Coyotes

The first artist officially signed to Randy Roger’s new management company, Big Blind Entertainment, and for good reason. I’ve got an unusual connection with him that you can read about here along with my impressions of “Men and Coyotes”.  It’s my favorite album thus far in 2016 and I imagine it’s going to be a big year for this guy. Go check him out at


William Clark Green – Ringling Road

When this album came out, I played it into the ground. But sometimes you forget just how good it is and then when you rediscover it, it’s Deja Vu. Everyone loves the title track “Ringling Road” but I just can’t get enough “Sympathy” for sure. The intro with the muted strumming of the acoustic, the subject matter of the song, the lead guitar and solo. It’s just so…well put together. There are some songs that admittedly get me choked up and “Sympathy” is definitely one of them. It’s my favorite WCG song. “Sticks and Stones” and “Next Big Thing” are also awesome.  This one deserves a full review but just go buy it… it’s so good.