Jeremy Plato and Cody Canada have been making music together for close to two decades and the core of their sound has always been rock ‘n’ roll mixed with their Red Dirt roots. While Cody usually spearheads The Departed by doing most of the writing and singing, Jeremy is always there providing the bass line that’s often the backbone to the song. But anybody that’s followed these guys since their Cross Canadian Ragweed days knows that Plato can sing…and he does it really well. He’s been on harmony vocals since the beginning and those harmonies are what make “On Your Own” and “Mexican Sky” two of my favorite Ragweed deep cuts.

As time has passed we’ve seen Plato take the lead here and there, but with their latest project “In Retrospect” it’s all Jeremy Plato and there’s zero rock ‘n’ roll. Instead we get an album that pays homage to many of outlaw country’s founders – Johnny Paycheck, Charlie Walker, Buck Owens, George Jones, and of course, Merle Haggard. A few weeks back I had the privilege of talking to Jeremy Plato about the album, what inspired it, how things have been going for The Departed.

If you are a fan of die hard, old school country you’ll love “In Retrospect,” but any Texas/Okie music fans should check it out regardless. You can find it on iTunes and Amazon Music, or even better, go see a Jeremy Plato and The Departed at a live show and buy it there.


P.S. I got to see The Departed back in September perform a few of these songs during a taping of The Texas Music Scene. I had a great time and I’ve got a blog post covering that trip coming soon. I’ll be talking about The Departed, Jason Boland, Mike McClure and Shinyribs!